How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

The bedroom is the ultimate place to have a good night’s sleep after a long and grueling day at work. Naturally, it will have to be arranged and made up in a way that increases the comfort and relaxation factor of the user. If you look closely; apart from the obvious decorations and the other accessories, the main thing about a relaxing bedroom is the bed. It has to be adorned with the perfect Indian fabrico bedsheets, pillows, and covers.

Experiencing the Bliss Again

It is a relaxing experience to lay your head on the pillow, in a bed covered with exquisite samples of Jaipur cotton bedsheets, and enjoying a much-needed sleep. But, are you aware that pillows also need the same TLC as the other parts of the bed? It is high time you check your pillows for their current state, along with other materials like bedsheets to determine the utility of the possible overhaul.

So, the question comes, how will you know about the time to change your pillows? The test is just the same as premium Rajasthani bedsheets. Do you feel the same comfort and relaxation from the pillows as before? If you can’t remember, it is time to change them. Your pillows have a used-by date, and with continued use, it will store skin cells, body oils, moisture, and mold.

Bedbugs are ever-present in unclean beds whether or not you are using sanganeri print bedsheets. They will disrupt your sleep and give you extensive pain in the neck and tension in the joints, shoulder, and back. This will also lead to headaches, leg pains, allergies, and sleep deprivation. So, it is better to get a proper change of the bed-associated products in time, especially pillows to enjoy a trouble-free and healthy good night’s sleep.

You Need a new Pillow

So, how will you know that you need a new pillow? There are numerous signs, several of which are evident at the first sight. However, to know whether you would need to order a new set of pillows, its covers, or any other linen along with your bedsheets online, you can look for the other signs in this matter:

  • Take on the 30-second fold test. It is performed by folding the pillow in half, placing a lightweight object on top, and releasing it. If the pillow releases by itself and the object glides without any problem, then your pillow can be used for a long time. Otherwise, make other arrangements for it and start looking for a new one as soon as possible. 
  • Take a whiff of the pillow, especially after cleaning and drying it. Does it smell a little stinky or emit a foul odor? If it does, you should change it without fail.
  • Change your pillow if its color has faded or you can see yellow spots in it.
  • A certain sign that your pillow needs replacement is an increase in your allergy or asthma symptoms, complications, or frequency.
  • You need to change it if you are not getting the same comfort you used to, and also changing its shape repeatedly during the night.

The Best Time for Pillow Replacement

The most effective time to change your pillow will depend upon the fabric and the filler material. Usually, you will have to change your pillow if and when the aforementioned symptoms come up; however, a general interval can be suggested, depending upon the filler, as below:

  • Memory foam: 18-24 months
  • Down alternative: 2 years
  • Latex: 3 years
  • Down feather: 18-36 months
  • Polyester: 12-24 months.

The Methods to Protect your Pillow

If you do not want to or have the budget of frequently changing your pillows, you must take care of its health and state, just like you would for a Jaipuri print bed sheet. Some of these are not at all complex or require specific materials. Usually, taking care of a few basic things take care of the problems of the pillows. Here are the commonest methods of taking proper care of your pillows;

  • Getting it covered

How can you stop the exposure of the pillow to unwanted contaminants? Here, the most basic solution is also the most effective- the trick is to cover it up. In this regard, the best option for using is a European pillow cover; however, if you are using a standard pillow cover with a zip, it will also work. Also, you will have to wash your pillows with the required materials to retain the softness and keep it free of living and inanimate contaminants.

  • Washing 

Another one of the great options of pillow care is washing it with mild detergent or fabric softener. The choice of the washing chemicals and consumables should be done properly because of their effect on the pillows. Look at your pillow’s care instructions and follow them. If your pillows are non-washable, then you can at least air it out. The sun will work as a great heater and natural disinfectant, and you can get the scent of fresh hair in them. This can act as a soothing change compared to other drying methods.

In conclusion

Usually, you can find super king size bed sheets online nowadays that complements your room and the bed too. However, like all other accessories of that particular room, it will have to be changed periodically. Properly changing the pillow accessories after the stipulated time will be helpful in the long run.

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