Home Decor Colour Trends For The Season

Home Decor Colour Trends For The Season

Colors have the power to transform a particular room. Whether it’s an unexpected painted ceiling or bold accents, there are many ways you can gain the perfect look of your room. But on certain occasions choosing the right color for your room can be a bit tricky. For such reasons, many individuals consult with color experts and designers before they opt for any color. From rich hues to vibrant tones that dominated the 1930s and 1960s there are many home décor color trends out there. To know what these color trends are, check the information below! 

  1. Magenta and Ocher: Jewel tones come back in style to add pizzazz and punch to an interior. Whether they are featured in pops of colors within a neutral space or saturated jewel-box rooms, it will help in creating an environment filled with flair and drama. If you have a monochromatic grey interior, you can use deep magenta with ocher teal and yellow, which will provide the much-required oomph. 
  1. Rusts and Browns paired with Indian bed sheets: If you want to create a traditional and rustic look to your interiors, you can opt for printed Indian bed sheets paired with browns and rustic shades. You can go from terracotta brown to glossy brown shades for the interiors to create a warm and traditional feel. Brown shades will infuse the taste of neutral shades and will convey an image of classic chic and elegance. It will keep you warm and comfortable during the winters.
  1. Warm Creams and Jaipuri print bed sheet: Everyone love the colors of stone colors and warm creams as it makes them feel more grounded. You can pair the color with the Jaipuri print bed sheet because it will add an extra glow to your room. The Jaipuri bedsheets come in a variety of different colors, designs, and shades. You will find them in fresh and bright colors to dark colors as well. It will not just give out an elegant and classic look but also provide an earthy feel.
  1. Navy Blue: The navy-blue color will dominate this whole year and are ideal for all seasons. Blue stands out as the new neutral and a classic shade, which is loved by many individuals. The blue shade has won the color of the year award in 2020, and you can use the shade for your bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen. This particular shade will not lose its popularity any time soon.
  1. Deep Avocado Green: This particular shade will take the interiors of your home to a nurturing overdrive. No matter what the condition is outside, this velvety and dark hue will provide a warm and cozy feeling. The rich and saturated avocado green will blend perfectly with all the shades of the rainbow. You can pair avocado green with strategic pops of ebony, whites, and brights. This will help in adding both drama and warmth to your home. 
  1. The Bold Monochromatic with Rajasthani bedsheets: The monochromatic shades do not require to be pale. You can use cobalt blue, aubergine, and even green to evoke monochromatic in a much daring way. Along with that, you can pair up the monochromatic shades with unique and printed Rajasthani bedsheets, which will deliver a touch of elegance and royalty. Pairing these two up provide you a room that is fit for the kings and queens. The Rajasthani-style bedsheet has its own charm, and it makes the space colorful and lively. 
  1. Glow up your home with Red: In 2019, Red becomes discreet when it adopted more deep shades, which are implicative of Asian influences. Red has the power to enhance your home in many ways. From Cherry and orange-red to vermillion red, this particular shade will bring in plenty of warmth to your room. You must use Red during December as it will give out a comfortable and welcoming feeling. You can also use Red for your bed linen and a mind-blowing bathroom universe.
  1. Moody Hues for your bedroom décor: When it comes to colors, it’s better to go for the ones that are timeless rather than trendy. These days many individuals opt for neutral colors for their home or bedroom decor because it makes space look more natural. Moody hues are pretty popular these days, where you come across rich green hues and many other types of moodier and rich shades. You can easily choose the one that matches your taste and preferences with no issues.
  1. The Organic Tones: In this modern era, people are moving away from the cool color palette and towards much warmer and neutral tones. Using organic shades as a replacement for greys and blues will brighten a room’s interior. The organic tones have become pretty popular because they deliver both a modern and traditional feel to a particular place. These types of shades are ideal for contemporary and classic-style homes. 
  1. White and Black: The high-contrast of white and black is legendary and stands out as a dynamic duo. If you prefer bold patterns, you can go for ziggurat tiles or Art Deco to add some drama. You will receive an immediate enthusiastic response, and the appearance will be timeless. Black and White shades are one of the best ways to make a room look fun and exciting. 

Choose the best color for your home 

There are many beautiful, unique and trendy color trends out there, which are ideal for all homes. Choosing the right shades for each room will help you create a home that showcases your personality.

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