Rustic Interior Design Trends In India

Rustic Interior Design Trends In India

Design elements that carry rich textures and shades displayed on homemade fixtures, furniture, and textiles, the interior design in India is inspired by the nation’s culture. The rustic style is pretty comforting and warm, which gives out a wholesome appeal. The rustic style stands out as the most enduring one among all the other décor styles across the planet. It’s also known as the farmhouse or country style and ideal for individuals who want authenticity and simplicity within their home or office’s interior design.

 Things you need to Know About Rustic Design style

The rustic design style is pretty organic, natural, and a bit distressed. Design style, such as Tuscan or coastal are described as rustic style. In other words, rustic design style stands out as the opposite of contemporary and modern designs. This particular style feels completely stuffy or unpretentious and stands out as a design, which is relaxed and approachable. 

The rustic décor will give out a welcoming and warm feeling when you add a traditional and calming color palette. Natural and neutral shades, such as grays, beiges, browns, and whites, are the best option for rustic design home interiors. But you can also stick with the warm tints.

Type of rustic interior design trends in India

There are several rustic designing trends, which you can incorporate within your office and home space. To know what they are, check the information below!

  • The textual variance: The rustic furniture can provide an element of texture, which cannot be achieved through glass or metal. You can take opt for some excellent rustic pieces, which will help in offsetting a modern room with a crafted appearance. You can provide rustic appeal to living room furniture, countertops, wall hangings, and bed frames. It will add a touch of meticulous and antiquity to a room that contains bolder forms and lines. You can also pair up some unique wall decors with the Sunbrella special fabric. Doing so will help to add some character to that particular room.
  • Adding a Jaipur cotton bedsheets: Using the Jaipur cotton bedsheets with some traditional style furniture and decorations for your bedroom will help in delivering a rustic feel. You can also decorate your bedroom with some traditional-style room decorations, such as lamps and wall decorations. To bring in more of the rustic feeling, you can add some handicrafts, such as decorated cow heads, brass pots, earthen wares, and many more. You can also opt for some vintage-style pottery that will enhance the appearance of the room and make it look warm and welcoming. 
  • An amalgam of times: Using rustic pieces will deliver a sense of updated chic flair or traditional class. The pieces that contain rustic additions, sleek and bolder lines will give out a modern look. One of the most unique traits of rustic furniture is the maturation of wood. It’s because the wood is said to darken or lightens over time, which in return changes the time period of the room. Wood is often associated with royal architecture, and it will add a timeless appeal to a particular room. You can pair these wood accents with vivid and deep colors of Sunbrella performance fabric. Doing so will provide an attractive combo.
  • Choose nature to obtain a perfect home décor: If you want to receive an earthy ambiance, you can pair up your rustic pieces with a stone or put them next to the window to complement the natural light. This stands out as the best home décor option because it will help you gain an environment that will bring in serene nature indoors. With the help of rustic pieces, you can transform the earth stones into a statement piece for a specific room that carries earthy shades or colors. For instance, if you want to add some natural depth to a particular room, you can do so by adding copper-tone rustic pieces. It will serve as an accent for warm-colored surroundings. When you incorporate nature with your interior design it will improve the overall well-being, creativity, productivity, and clarity.
  • The farmhouse style: When it comes to farmhouse style, you can opt for a 19th-century style table with antique dining chairs that will definitely steal the show. It will bring out that warm rustic vibe that you always craved. To add more rustic features, you opt for some beautiful white and green strip curtains. An artichoke lithograph and lilac-pink colored painted walls will give out the perfect rustic decor. This will allow the entire room will look more natural, elegant, and beautiful at the same time.
  • Go Goan style: If you want to create a living area or bedroom to smell like sea and sand, you must opt for the Goan style. The Goan style design delivers a traditional décor with rustic wooden furniture pieces and arched beams. You can keep both the party and fun elements of Goa and also put some rustic pieces to add a touch of comfort and warmth. It will not just make the room look eye-catching and attractive, but also carries a cozy and homely feeling. 

The Summary

There are so many rustic interior designing trends available in the market. The rustic pieces will add plenty of charm to the interiors of your home. From vegan furniture choices to modern movements, the rustic components will complement all eras of Indian interior design. You can decorate your home’s interior with unique and beautiful rustic pieces and pair them up with bright colors and rich patterns.

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