Ways To Enhance Your Room With Designer Wallpaper

Ways To Enhance Your Room With Designer Wallpaper

Wall coverings have a rich history, which dates back to the 1400s when paneling and tapestries were used. Nowadays, these wall coverings have been transformed into textured and designer wallpapers. In the past, the wallpapers were considered background decors instead of foreground. 

There were also some distinguished quirks, such as the 19-century French scenic decorations and Chinese papers. Wallpapers also play a massive role when it comes to enhancing the interiors of your home. They will give a unique glow to each of your room and make it more welcoming for the guests and visitors. 

How to enhance the room with designer wallpaper?

There are many ways through which you can easily beautify your rooms with attractive and beautiful designer wallpapers. The ways are:

  1. Bring in the outdoors for a perfect bedroom décor: Many individuals are opting for wallpapers that are pretty floral and fun with verdant foliage and vibrant colors of the tropical realm. Using this wallpaper option for your bedroom décor will help in creating an attractive appearance that will brighten up your room. You can opt for wallpapers that contain bold leaves, stocky clusters, and dainty vines, which will conceal the walls to deliver the lively offerings of nature. 
  1. The smart and striped: Striped wallpapers have always been every homeowner’s favorite. Even after a decade, these wallpapers will still be on-trend. You can take the help of modernistic stripes to make a smart décor for your home. Also, make sure it reflects your personality well. Doing so will help in creating a remarkable façade that will tilt the entire look. The stripe wallpapers do not stand out as an irresistible background. But it will enable you to hang decorations, pictures, and paintings without breaking a sweat. You can play with thin and bold designs and create your looks. 
  1. Deconstructed wallpaper and Jaipuri print bed sheet: When you use the deconstructed wallpapers, it stands out as an innovative way to design the walls of your room. You can pair it up with the color and eye-catching Jaipuri print bed sheet, as it will change the entire look of the room. The bright and rich shades of the bedsheet will blend perfectly with the wallpaper. It will make the room traditional, modern, and elegant at the same time. Make sure to go for neutral or bold-colored wallpapers to match with the bedsheet. 
  1. The patterns for the soul: The elaborated baroque motifs are used for providing a euphuistic appearance. By doing so, it punctuates the continuance of the wall. These patterns stand out as the amalgamation of the old-world beauties paired with modern designs. This will help in converting the appearance of your home melodious consonance, which indicates the creation of yesteryears. It will also enable your walls to blend perfectly with the sumptuous and luxurious furnishings. 
  1. Pairing sanganeri print bedsheets with mosaic wallpaper: Mosaic Wallpapers will do wonders when you use them on your wall. They will also look fantastic with the sanganeri print bedsheets for your bedroom. Make sure to go for an elegant and bit dark-colored Sanganeri-style bedsheets so that it can blend perfectly with the rich and beautiful mosaic wallpaper. You can also use this particular wallpaper with a lamp and yellow-patterned rug. It will create a space, which is unapologetically striking. 
  1. Sweet and simple: Modest textures with minimalistic detailing and soft trims will transform your interiors into a complete treasure. These types of contemporary styles are the regression tribute towards the popular mid-century textures and appearance. They will help in conferring a simple but mesmerizing look to your walls. 
  1. Keep things within the line: The wallpaper trend, which celebrates balance by converging on the lines and shapes that combine to form unique geometrical shapes. Opting for wallpapers that come with bold geometric patterns will help you create an illusion. It will also allow you to play with the rhythm of your home when you pair them up with fluid decorations or furnishings. Solid shapes and tangible tessellations are transformed into eye-catching patterns that will highlight the beauty of your shelter. It will also deliver an eccentric charm. 
  1. The quirky things: Wallpapers that come with flawless patterns will beautify the look of your surroundings. But the top-notch designs can define your personality. Scribble art and bright doodles are soul-pleasing patterns. These designs are replacing the straightforward wallpaper designs and adding a hint of novelty to the living quarters. The majority of these wallpapers are incorporated into children’s bedrooms. You will come across wallpapers that have colorful robots, cars, animals, and cartoon planes. 
  1. Add palm patterns to your walls: The Palm Patterned Wallpaper is currently taking the world by storm. Having palm trees on your wall adds a touch of Southern California feels to your home. The wallpaper will look amazing in a dining room, and pairing it up with a 1970s vintage-style dining table will deliver a classic and modern appearance to space. 

10. Aqua and green striped wallpapers: This particular wallpaper will look excellent in a guest room. You can pair it with a beautiful rug, a 19th-century American table, and a wicker chair from the 1920s. The wallpaper will give out a pleasant, calming, and relaxing feel, which is perfect for the hot summer days. It also adds a touch of elegance and luxury so that your guests can feel comfortable and homey.

Ending phrase

Do you want to give the walls of your home a makeover? You can do so by replacing them with some attractive and trendy wallpapers. You can choose the ones that match perfectly with your home’s interior. Doing so will help you uplift your home decoration and an enchanting and radiant look.

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