Ethnicity At Its Best 5 Ways To Determine The Decor Of Your Heritage Hotel

Ethnicity At Its Best: 5 Ways To Determine The Decor Of Your Heritage Hotel

When you compare heritage hotels with regular hotels, you will find plenty of differences between them. It’s because heritage hotels are a type of hotel that holds the cultural or historical significance of a location, where they are allotted. Maybe these hotels were built centuries ago, or it was a castle or a temple that has been transformed into a place for guests. 

You will not just enjoy staying in a heritage hotel but also get to learn more about its pasts and the events that took place there. These types of hotels are located everywhere across the globe and it’s ideal for all history lovers.

How to Determine the Decor of the Heritage Hotel?

When you own a beautiful heritage hotel, you want the interiors to look and feel luxurious, elegant, and stunning. There are many ways through which you can decide the décor of your hotel without any unwanted issues. Look below!

  1. The Colour Scheme: 

When it comes to decorating a heritage hotel, colour is the ultimate key. Colours have the power to set up the tone of the rooms and create an excellent atmosphere and mood. When you opt for the correct hue, it will help produce sleep. If you want to provide each of your guests when a luxury living experience, the palette needs a specific sophistication. You must consider the overall colour scheme for each of the rooms and other areas of your heritage hotel holistically. From the lobby and seating area to wall furnishes, floors, and bed lines, you need to opt for a colour scheme that will make your hotel appear elegant and beautiful at the same time.

  1. Take the shortcut to luxury with Rajasthani bedsheets and accessories:

If you want to provide a high-end, traditional, and a collective-over the time appearance to your heritage hotel, choose Rajasthani bedsheets and beautiful accessories. The Rajasthani-style bedsheets will add a touch of elegance and royalty to the rooms of your hotel. It will also provide each of your guests with a luxurious living experience. For the accessories, you must choose products that will bring out three textures of the room. Doing so will enhance the appearance of the space and make it look bigger, beautiful, and elegant.

  1. Go for drama for all the small spaces:

The bathrooms of your heritage should be more spa-like. All-white bathrooms will give out a bland look in the bathing area. Try covering the walls with some nature-inspired and low-contrast wallpapers. You can also opt for vertical patterns, which you will find in Lee Jofa tree wallpaper. The wallpaper will make the ceilings look taller and will also emphasize the wall’s height. Go for muted shades, such as blue and pale grey, not burnt orange and sunshine-yellow. This will prevent the bathing area from appearing shrill or way too busy. You can also consult with an expert regarding this matter when you are not sure what to do.

  1. Opt for statement furniture:

When decorating your heritage hotel, you must opt for premium-quality furniture that will blend perfectly with your hotel’s interiors. Add some of the best furniture for the seating area of your hotel. Doing so will allow the guests can sit comfortably without experiencing any issues. For the bedrooms, you can add occasional chairs and a small table. You can also opt for an upholstered bench and Ottoman-style storage for the bedrooms. Use water-resistant and premium-quality furniture for the outdoor area of your hotel. Make sure the chairs and tables are pretty durable and made from world-class materials. 

  1. Add proper lighting to your heritage hotel:

Lighting is something which is often overlooked when designing or decorating a heritage hotel. Lighting stands out as one of the most important factors of a heritage hotel. Through an artfully layered lighting scheme, you can create a beautiful mood and atmosphere at the same time. You can choose defused and soft ambient lighting for each of the rooms and go for eye-catching and massive chandeliers for the interiors of the hotel, which includes the reception area and the seating area. It will make the place look spacious and brighter. You can also add LED lights under the bedside tables of each of the rooms. 

Other ways to Determine the Decor of the Heritage Hotel

Given below are several other ways through which you can decide the perfect or ideal decoration for your heritage hotel. 

  • Opt for a different type of mirror: Mirrors are known to make space appear much more spacious. When you are adding mirrors to the rooms and other areas, you can go way beyond hanging them on the walls. Go for mirrors that you can paste them on the walls and add side tables that are pretty leggier. Doing so will make a particular area of your hotel appear bigger and spacious at the same time. 
  • Use items made from premium quality fabric: When it comes to bed linens, curtains, and bed covers, or any other product, you need to take a good look at the fabric or material it’s made from. These products should be made from premium quality fabric so that they can look good, and your customers should have no allergic reaction or skin irritations when they come in contact with them. Research and learn well about the various fabrics before making the final call.
  • Opt for in-window shades to keep the vintage trim exposed: In-window shades stand out as the best way to keep the vintage trim revealed. They are a much better option than hanging drapes. Having the in-window shades will also help in adding a contemporary touch that will keep the feel and look up-to-date. Doing so will not remove the presence of integrity of the actual space.

The takeaway!

Heritage hotels are beautiful and timeless pieces of the past. This will also provide them with a luxurious living experience. When you have decided to decorate your heritage hotel, make sure to use the right set of shades, furniture, and designs. It’s because it will give out a traditional and modern look and feel. 

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