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How to Choose Perfect Double Bed Sheets for your Home

After a hard day’s work when you feel tired and drained out, most of you look forward to your bed where you can relax, watch TV, chat and fall asleep. Besides a good quality mattress, your bedsheets are also of paramount importance. It needs to be as comfortable as your mattress, pillows and blankets and that bed sheet will perhaps adorn your bed for hours or days. Your bed sheet must be skin-friendly, as they come in contact with your skin directly. Apart from the comfort factor, bedsheets go a long way in improving the aesthetics of your bedroom. It has to be beautiful enough and go well with your interior decor. When it comes to bedsheets, the choice is diverse. However, when you buy super king size bed sheets online you need to consider certain aspects.

To choose the perfect double bed sheets for your home you need to look for the following things.

  • Material of Jaipur bed sheets

For bed sheets, cotton is the most preferred fabric as it is soft and breathable. Another characteristic that makes cotton a popular choice is that it can absorb heat making it suitable for summer. Similarly, it keeps you warm during winter. Egyptian cotton having extra-long-staple fibers and Pima having medium-to-extra-long staple fibers are considered the best quality kinds of cotton. The ideal choice for the hot climate is linen and it is the most expensive and improves with time. However, cotton bed sheets get wrinkled easily. It can be combined with rayon and other materials for a light-weight feel. If you are looking for something lightweight, wrinkle-free, durable and inexpensive, the best option is cotton and polyester blend.

  • Thread count of Jaipuri bed sheet

It is not always true that higher thread count will guarantee more comfortable bed sheets because sometimes the thread count is enhanced by adding silicone softeners. This doesn’t improve quality and the silicone softeners get washed away once the bed sheets are washed. A sheet made of good quality cotton and lower thread count feels soft and comfortable whereas higher thread count with low quality cotton may not be soft. For strength and softness, look for thread count in the range of 100-350 rather than 800-1000 since the added thread count hardly makes any difference in quality and may not justify the price.

  • Weave of Rajasthani bed sheets

The texture of bed sheets depends on how it has been woven. There are various types of weaves like percale, microfiber, sateen and flannel. Selecting a weave depends on personal choice though percale and sateen are the most popular ones. Percale is a plain, tightly woven grid like weave and it feels crisp and lightweight. The Percale weave makes for cool bedding and lends a matte finish. Sateen weave gives an ultra-soft feeling and appears lustrous and silky. The flannel weave is suitable for places with extremely cold weather. Each of these weaves is different in its way. To feel the difference you need to touch them.

  • Size of super king size bed sheets

For your double bed sheet to be perfect, it has to fit your mattress. You need to buy sheets with the correct so that it neither falls short of your bed nor it is too big. Sheets with elastic edging are appropriate for standard-size beds. For nonstandard mattresses, look for the specific size. If your mattress is padded with foam, you need to consider the extra height and settle for sheets that are extra-deep. For padded mattresses, you can choose extra-long twin sheets since those are stretchable.

While deciding on the size, always remember that your bed sheet may shrink after you wash it especially if you opt for 100% cotton bed sheets. If you have undersized or oversized pillows, you need to buy sheets and pillowcases separately instead of opting for a set. So you should always check for the correct size and never assume that it will be of the same size as your mattress.

  • Prints and pattern of Indian bed sheets

Besides other elements, sheets also beautify your bedroom, you need to choose something that not only feels good but is visually appealing as well. Selecting the colour and design also depends on your personal taste. The right combination of colour, prints and patterns makes for a beautiful bed sheet. When it comes to pattern prints and patterns you have multiple choices namely floral, animal, folk, geometric, checks, stripes, block prints, bandhej, sanganeri print bed sheets and many more. You can start experimenting by trying a mix of small, medium and large prints of the same shade. You can settle for plain sheets if your pillows have prints.

You should remember these pointers to choose perfect King-size bedsheets online for your home.

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