10 Tips For Buying Bed Sheets Online

10 Tips For Buying Bed Sheets Online

Imagine a bedroom with a drab and unattractive bed sheet! You would definitely not feel good to enter such a room after gruelling hours at work. That’s where a colourful bed sheet can brighten up the entire room.

Bed sheets are common bedding products that are purchased by numerous individuals, but their importance is something you cannot ignore. People spend around one-third of their time between the sheets. For such reasons, it is important to purchase a good-quality bedsheet covering for your mattress, otherwise, you will not get the desired hours of repose.

In this modern era, you don’t need to go to a physical store to purchase a bedsheet, as you can purchase them online. To purchase a premium-quality bedsheet online, there are several tips that you need to follow:

Check out the fibre content when buying bed sheets online: Remember, always purchase bedsheets that are made from 100% cotton, as they are pretty soft to touch and provides plenty of comfort. When you purchase bed sheets online, make sure to check and read the product description. You will gain more information about the bed sheet along with the cotton content in percentage as well. 

Thread count is important: Bedsheets that showcase much higher thread is known to be the best ones, but that’s not always necessary. When you purchase a bedsheet, make sure the thread count is between 300 and 500. Apart from that, anything that falls between that particular amount is also a suitable option. Don’t always look for bedsheets that have a thread count of 500 or higher, you can also go for thread counts of 150 to 300, which will provide you with a comfortable experience.

Choose the right size when purchasing the super king-size bed sheets: All bedsheets come in different sizes. The single bedsheets are 150x225cm, and the super king size sheet beds are 270x250cm. When you place your order to purchase the bedsheets online, make sure to take the correct measurement of your bed, as it will help you receive a bedsheet of the right size.

Opt for the right colour when buying bed sheets online: The colour of the bedsheet plays an important role in determining the ambiance of the bedroom. When you have bright curtains in your bedroom, then purchase bright coloured bed sheets online so that it goes well with the curtains. By doing so, your bedroom will look well-decorated and appealing. 

Look for return policy: Never purchase a product from an online store that does not have an easy return policy. At certain occasions, you will find that there is a huge difference between the actual and online images of the bedsheets. If such situations take place, then you can exchange or return the bedsheet with no issues. That is why, before buying bedsheets online make sure to check the exchange and return policy of the online store or website.

Take a look at the price: The biggest advantage of doing online shopping is that you can go through various types of deals, websites, and discounts. This will help you choose the right price that match with your budget. Go through different websites and take a look at the price range of the bedsheets. Try to use discount codes or coupons to reduce the price and save money. 

Try to understand the difference between weaves: Your primary options when buying bedsheets online should be sateen or percale. Percale cotton is the basic and grid-like weave, which is crisp and light, and sateen is the satin weave that is silky smooth. You can choose any of the weaves according to your preferences.

Choose between plains and prints: You must be extra careful with the aesthetic of your bedsheets. Before you buy the bedsheets online, decide whether you want printed or plain bed sheets for your room. If you have printed pillows then the plain ones will match well with them.

Go for seasonal sheets: You can go for seasonal sheets if you are an individual who likes to change your bedsheets now and then. But the number of sheets you need will be totally up to you and how many times you change it. But it will be a good choice too if you purchase a bedsheet that will look beautiful all year. 

Be aware of Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton is known to be a luxurious material for bedsheets. But you need to be extra careful, as not all online websites will provide you with bedsheets made from original Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt under specific climatic conditions and they are carefully combed and washed, and this is what makes them durable and extra soft. If you are purchasing bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton, make sure to check the product well, and go through the product description before buying it.

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The best part of buying bed sheets online is that you will get the product delivered right at your doorstep. Don’t forget to check out the latest collections at the top sites!

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