Does The Thread Count of Your Bed Sheets Really Matter

Does The Thread Count of Your Bed Sheets Really Matter?

The sleep of a person depends immensely on the comfort of the place where he or she lies. Thereafter, the quality and material of the bed sheets is an important concern. So, what to look for when buying a bed sheet for you and your family? 

Before that, there are certain things to be considered while a bed sheet is bought. Firstly, the size of the bed is an important factor that determines the type of bed sheet needed to properly cover the lying area of the bed. The choices are usually between a single, double, king-sized, or queen-sized bed. Secondly, the material needs to be chosen according to the use and maintenance. And lastly, the feel of the bed sheet has to be optimum for the user.

The Thread Count- a Measure for Comfort in Bed Sheets Online

Usually, getting a feel of the bed sheet is not hard when you are visiting an actual store, but when you are shopping for bed sheets online, it becomes a little hard to do that. So, to check whether your choice of sheets is optimum in their comfort index, you will need to know and look for the most ideal parameter; which is known as the thread count. Usually, the more the thread count, the more comfortable the bed sheets are supposed to be.

Although, the comfort level is not strictly dependent on this factor, as it is a purely individualistic parameter. However, to ensure that you are buying the most comfortable bed sheets online, this parameter is a measure to check out.

What is the Thread Count for the Jaipuri Bed Sheet?

The measure of thread count is the same for any bed sheet, whether it’s Jaipur bed sheets or any other one. Without checking the thread count first, it is quite possible that the super king-size bed sheets online will be unfit for use. So, what is the thread count? 

The thread count of any bed sheet, like a Jaipuri print bed sheet is signified by the number of threads or yarns woven in a square inch of that fabric. The number of both the vertical threads called the warp, and horizontal threads, known as the weft is considered while the thread count is determined. These two measurements are used to determine the softness and quality of the fabric, along with the durability of the King-size bed sheets online bought by you. 

The Rajasthani bed sheets with a higher thread count will be more comfortable than a bed sheet with a lower count and will also get softer as it is worn well over time.

Importance of Thread Count for Indian Bed Sheets

The thread count is important for all types of bed sheets as it ensures their comfort and durability, not only for Indian bed sheets. You can choose super king size bed sheets for your bed but without the proper thread count, they will not provide you with the stress-free sleep you were expecting. Therefore, to ensure that your purchase is fulfilling its purpose, it is better to check for the thread count of the bed sheets ordered. 

However, for optimally comfy bed sheets, you will also have to pay close attention to the quality of the fibre, size of the yarn, types of weave used, and the ply count of the Jaipur cotton bed sheets. Considering all these factors in addition to the thread count of the bed sheets will be the best way to go in this matter; so, to be clear, the thread count of the sheets does matter.

Points About the Thread Count for Bed Sheets

The question will arise: what is the best thread count for a bed sheet? According to experts, thread counts within 200-400 are quite good for even sanganeri print bed sheets provided the other points mentioned before are fulfilled. Thread count below 200 is not a good option, as the bed sheets will neither be comfy nor durable.

In some cases, online shops may advertise collections of 800- 2000 count bed sheets. These sheets are not high thread count sheets but rather sheets with multiple plies. A 600-count bed sheet is actually the 3-ply yarn weaving of the cheapest quality 200-count bed sheet which is both heavy and uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb, sheets higher than 400-count are found to be manufactured using the technique mentioned above, and hence should be carefully checked before an order is given.

Comfort is the key

A bed sheet is ultimately an accessory needed to make a bed optimal for good and refreshing sleep. As comfort is determined by the users’ feeling, which is proportional to the count of the thread in the sheets, it is better to start from the standardized values of this parameter. Although, it is a purely distinct choice in part of the user, and while making a selection, you should also consider that part.

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