Popular Block Printing Techniques Of India

Popular Block Printing Techniques Of India

The printing history of India can date way back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which was from 3500 to 1300 BC. The country of India has been the host of various textile arts. The printing techniques of India has been pretty popular both nationally and internationally. Different regions of India have different styles, textures, and designs and each of them comes with a unique output and different method. 

You will find all these techniques and prints within the bedsheets as well. Each of them comes with a distinct style, which you can recognize easily. There are many types of block printing techniques available in India. Some of them are: 

  • Printing technique of Sanganeri print bedsheets: 

Sanganeri is a type of block printing originated in Rajasthan. This printing technique is ideal for apparel and home décor materials. Apart from that, you will also find sanganeri print bedsheets available in the market. The handcrafted designs were invented a long time ago. It also witnessed some contribution when people from Gujarat migrated to Rajasthan during wars. For Sanganeri printing, the material is laid over the table and then printed using blocks that carry intricate designs. Before the printing, the expert marks the fabric to maintain the symmetry of the designs.

  • Bagh printing technique:

Bagh is an indigenous printing technique from the state of Madhya Pradesh. The name originated from the Bagh district, as the printing technique was mostly practiced there. It’s referred to as a block printing done by hands and the colours used are natural. The technique originated when the Khatri population shifted from Sind near the Bagh River. The design came from the painting of the Taj Mahal. The Bagh printing process includes bright shades and geometric designs. The chemical properties of the river to gain unique colours. 

  • Kalamkari printing technique:

Kalamkari is a type of printing technique from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This particular block printing comes with two methods, such as the Machilipatnam style and the Srikalahasti style. The Srikalahasti style it belongs to the holy town of Srikalahasti located in the Chittoor district. On the other hand, the Machilipatnam style belongs to Machilipatnam that falls under the Krishna district. The cloth is dried and stiffened, and then it’s printing in various phrases according to the colour scheme. The majority of the area is hand-printed, the wax is used for dyeing the areas that require blue colour. 

  • Ajrak printed bed sheets:

The block printing technique of Ajrak began near the Kutch area of Gujarat. You will also find this printing technique used in Barmer, Khavda and Dhamaka of Rajasthan. The word Ajrak comes from the Arabic word Azrak, which means blue. It’s because blue plays the main role within the colour scheme of this particular art form. The block printing technique provides floral patterns and intricate designs that come with red and blue shades. Ajrak carries around 14 to 16 stages of printing and dyeing. It also takes about 14 to 21 days to complete. You will also find bed sheets that carry this particular printing technique. 

  • Bandhani for the jaipuri print bed sheet: 

The Bandhani printing technique is a tie and dye technique that originated from the Indus Valley Civilization. This particular printing technique was started by the people of the Khatri community of Gujarat. The technique is used in various clothing and you will find them on the jaipuri print bed sheet as well. Within the printing technique, you will encounter the Harshacharita, which is a historical text. This printing technique contains designs that are made out of different dots and come in many bright colours. 

  • Bagru printing technique:

This is a printing technique, which is pretty popular in Rajasthan. Bagru delivers exquisite results, even when the method is laborious. The method is over 100-years old and has been developed by families, which was carried down traditionally in Rajasthan. The printing process involves drying, washing and hard dyeing. The blocks are from right to left and then slammed pretty hard fabric. Once the printing is complete, the fabric is dried and then boiled and washed to obtain the outcome. 

  • Dabu printing for Rajasthani bedsheets:

The Daboo or Dabu printing technique is from the state of Rajasthani. It’s a unique and beautiful hand block printing technique, which is pretty time-consuming and comes with plenty of labour and many phases. You will find many Rajasthani bedsheets that carry this particular printing on them. The Dabu printing originated in China, but the Indian state of Rajasthan becomes the most famous centre of it. The designs are pretty similar to the Batik-printing style, but the methods are different from each other. The core components of this block printing are various motifs, flowers and plants. 

  • Batik printing technique:

The Batik printing resolves around soaking of clothing in a colour and then printing it using wax. The printing technique is originally from Egypt and has trails of its legacy in many nations. A copper stamp of a spouted tool is used for this particular printing method. You will find many beautiful and eye-catching bedsheets available in Batik printing.

Last words to share

Block printing technique is famous all over the country. The printing technique is said to boast the right heritage and culture of India. Craftsmanship and creativity are applied to keep these printing methods alive and trending across the globe. These days, many modern artisans are utilizing synthetic dyes for printing bedsheets. But the natural dyes are still used across all the states of India.

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